Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards: general introduction

Le Chaudron de Morrigann: Madame Endoras Fortune Cards - deckSince Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards is published in the United States only, there is no French edition of the deck, so it remains little known around here in France. Even when they eventually manage to get those cards, French people are often limited by the language, for (most of the time) they do not understand or speak English very well. That is one of the reasons why I decided to publish articles about Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards.

Ever though I bought this deck a while ago, it is still one of the most fascinating oracle deck to me: on the one hand, the illustrations have such a peculiar spirit about them, and on the other hand, this deck is really great for everything concerning spiritual and self-centered, inner matters. Could it be love at first sight? Yes, indeed! Little by little I have learned how to use it, and the more I use it in my readings, the richer it is in the messages it delivers! The possibilities of analysis can be very deep, provided you know how to decipher its many symbols and relate them to the given situation you are exploring.

Despite its apparent complexity due to the many traditions and systems it displays, this deck is not very difficult to read. This is a very good reason to look forward to being able to use it to its full potential!

In fact, I see this deck as an exception in my collection, for it seems it has taken a very special place in it. Indeed, it looks like no other thanks to its illustrations and atmosphere: it really has something special compared to the other decks I have. That is why I decided to write a whole series of articles about these cards and to publish them here. First, I will study the cards in the details, with the booklet and the authors’ opinion as a starting point, and I will develop the analysis by studying the items and symbols pictured on the cards, as well as the different cultural borrowings. This will allow me to go further into the meanings of the cards, so that the interpretations will be adaptable to any context in a reading. Then, I will introduce several ways in which those cards can be used.

Please note that what you will read here is the result of my own research and experience. These articles thus reflect my ways of dealing with this deck and are here only to inform the readers.

Accédez à tous les articles sur Madame Endora's Fortune Cards!

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