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Here are a few of my articles that I translated into English so you can read them even though you do not read French. You will find tarot and oracle deck reviews, book reviews, tarot and oracle spreads which I designed for everyday life or for the sabbats, articles about tarot and oracle reading… and many more! Enjoy!

Caveat: All the articles presented in my Cauldron are my own work. Further reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Le Chaudron de Morrigann: Le Séjour Souterrain de Perséphone (tirage spécial Mabon)

Persephone’s Journey in the Underworld (Mabon, autumn equinox)

Despite its many treasures, Mabon remains for many a not so well-known festival. With this spread, my wish is to draw attention to an aspect of this sabbat that is most of the time left aside though it is one of the most interesting of this festival. Mabon is the autumn equinox and marks the beginning of the dark half of...
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Le Chaudron de Morrigann: The Stolen Child Tarot (title card)

The Stolen Child Tarot (Monica Knighton): a review

When I learnt thanks to Aeclectic Tarot that an artist was working on a tarot deck based on W.B. Yeats’ poem “The Stolen Child”, I couldn’t resist looking it up… and I was immediately under the spell of the candor Monica Knighton put into her illustrations, for it is in perfect harmony with the innocence of the child on which the poem...
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