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Here are all my articles about Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards: deck review, detailed presentations of the cards and their symbols, as well as spreads designed specifically for this wonderful deck.

Caveat: All the articles presented here were written by myself. Any further reproduction is strictly prohibited.


N.B.: The pictures presented as fans in the articles dedicated to this oracle deck appear with Christine Filipak’s kind permission. She created them specifically for this blog, as well as the beautiful titles on this page. My most grateful thanks go to Christine and Monolith Graphics!

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Madame Endoras Fortune Cards, deck


(also published at Aeclectic Tarot, August 12th, 2011)
General introduction

The Royal Court

the most influential characters in the querent’s life

The King and the Queen: the Pillars
The Wizard and the Seer: the Mystics
The Knight: the moral strength and qualities
The Maiden and the Minstrel: romantic love
The Harlequin: mystery and dissimulation

The Realm of Fable

forces that are independent front the querent’s will

The Golem
The Greenman
The Satyr
The Siren
The Sphinx
The Spirit

The Bestiary

human instincts, qualities and flaws

The Black Cat
The Chimera
The Dragon
The Gryphon
The Raven
The Serpent
The Spider
The Unicorn
The Wolf
The Wyvern

The Treasury

helpers and obstacles

The Caduceus
The Chalice
The Dagger
The Gate
The Hand of Fate
The Hourglass
The Key
The Mystic Circle
The Oracle
The Shield
The Talisman

The Elements

the energies in movement

The Sun
The Moon
The Stars
The Winds of Change


Here are a few spreads I designed specifically for Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards. New ones will be added little by little.

The Mirror of Truth
A Message from Cernunnos
(original special Litha/Midsummer spread)


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