The Royal Court: the most influent people in the Querent's life

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Being the first of the five groups of cards, the Royal Court hosts eight characters. Each one of them can embody someone who has a strong impact on the Querent’s life, or advice that the Querent should take into account or pay attention to, or attitudes which should be adopted in order to make significant changes in their life. They can also represent the aspects of the Querent’s state of mind or the tempers of the people around them.

If those cards are drawn regarding a specific situation, they mean that this situation affects the Querent deeply: either the issue is part of their main preoccupations, or it will have a significant influence on them.

Those characters are:
The King
The Queen
The Wizard
The Seer
The Knight
The Maiden
The Minstrel
The Harlequin


Some of these show complementary aspects and will be gathered in order to be dealt with together in the same article.

Royal Court 1

Royal Court 2


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